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Incubator/ Cooler

Designed for microgravity experiments, KUBIK is a compact and highly configurable incubator/ cooler, with a significant 15-year flight heritage.


Several models have been operated since 2004 onboard the International Space Station, and have housed tenths of biology experiments up to now.

These self-contained automatic experiments on seeds, cells, and small animals, are performed using power provided by the facility.

KUBIK recent upgrade further improves communication capabilities with ground, both at KUBIK and experiment levels.


Temperature settable from 6°C to 38°C

Modular inserts concept (e.g. centrifuge insert)

Centrifuge speed settable from 0.2 g to 2 g

Remote ground control of KUBIK and experiment containers via ISS MPCC

Powered and automated experiment containers

Wide range of flight-proven experiment units:

  • Bacteria
  • Plants, seeds
  • Yeasts
  • Animals
  • Human cells


Comat is part of the Bioreactor Express service that offers a KUBIK-based experimental support onboard the ISS.

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