Infinite Orbits and Comat sign a collaboration agreement on intelligent proximity navigation solutions

Press release // 10 August 2021

Infinite Orbits and Comat announce the start of a technological collaboration where the two parties will bring their technical and commercial expertise and know-how to develop innovative solutions in space navigation and  thus position them on the international market.

The two companies have signed a MoU that sets out the general principles of the collaboration, in which Infinite Orbits brings expertise in autonomous space navigation software based on vision, as well as artificial intelligence, and Comat its technical know-how in space mobility equipment.

This collaboration will give rise to new complete and intelligent proximity navigation solutions, which will be of great interest to space defence players and satellite operators.

“Comat is pleased to be able to set up this new Start-up / SME partnership with common values, ​​with the aim of developing industrial solutions for smallsat markets”,​ explains Ludovic Daudois, CEO of Comat.

“​We are proud of this first success for Infinite Orbits in the Toulouse region: to partner with such a space player allows us to accelerate our development and to already work in a very concrete way on combinations of technologies that bring great differentiation … », adds Adel Haddoud, CEO of Infinite Orbits.

About Infinite Orbits

Growing out of a NASA challenge at Columbia University, Infinite Orbits was founded in 2017 by aerospace engineers and telecom entrepreneurs to bring new-space based solutions to satellite operators around the globe. Based in Singapore, the UK, and France we recruited experienced space talent, and are collaborating with some of the best experts in the industry to enable GEO satellite life extension options for global telecommunications companies, at a fraction of market costs.

About Comat

Comat is a strategic space equipment supplier for the Exploration, Telecom and Smallsat markets. For nearly 45 years, Comat has offered innovative equipment solutions for satellites and a range of products for small satellites.

Comat develops and markets several space mobility equipment such as reaction wheels, electric plasma thrusters and deployers, and develops a set of technological bricks that will allow, in a quick and agile way, to offer solutions adapted to market needs. Its manufacturing unit and clean rooms will allow, in a “factory of the future” vision, the rapid mass production of mechanisms.

Comat has just joined the Newspace France Alliance, which proves the company’s desire to collaborate with start-ups and to be a key player in new markets.

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