May 2019 – 14th Forum of Aerospace Valley members: Comat received the competitiveness award

Press release // 24 May 2019

The competitiveness prize was awarded to Comat. Every year, this award goes to a company member of the Cluster, selected by the Aerospace Valley Bureau according to criteria such as: its number of participation in R&D projects led by the Cluster, contribution to innovation,  involvement in the Cluster’s activities and life…

Based in Flourens near Toulouse, Comat is a founding member of the Newspace Factory and is run by Ludovic DAUDOIS. This SME specializes in space mechanisms and systems, and in electric propulsion.

Thanks to Aerospace Valley, the company, which dedicates 30% of its turnover to innovation, has developed the Gyronano project (an innovative solution to control the position of nanosatellites of less than 50kg) and the AMBER sensor (a scientific sensor that measures Earth-orbiting, low-energy ion and electron fluxes, and produces their spectrum). Comat is ever more present at both national and international levels, and should soon deliver its first own export orders.

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