June 2020 – Comat wins a contract of deployable antennas for the Kinéis constellation

Press release // 1 June 2020

Comat, in partnership with COBHAM, wins its first New Space contract, for the Kinéis constellation. This first French constellation of 25 nanosatellites uses a novel communication technology based on CNES’s ARGOS system. This brand new connectivity is universal, simple, low-consumption, reliable and affordable. It has been designed and tailored for connected devices. It will be launched into orbit from 2022.

Comat will design, develop and assemble deployable antennas for Kinéis. These antennas will enable Kinéis nanosatellites to perform their IoT communication mission.

The architecture of this deployable antenna is based on a 4-wire helix antenna, developed and patented by Comat. It will allow the deployment of a UHF antenna designed by COBHAM. This compact, ultra-light mechanism supports and deploys a second band-S antenna, designed and manufactured by COBHAM. The whole set is a unique, innovative and French-designed antenna system.

For this project, Comat is in charge of the development and the mechanical and thermal qualification of this antenna, COBHAM being in charge of the radio qualification of the UFH and S-band functions. Comat is also entrusted with the production of the 25 models intended for the constellation, including the manufacturing, integration and full acceptance tests of the antenna. COBHAM manufactures and performs the radio tests of the RF components of both the UHF and S-band antennas.

Comat’s Head of Developments, Dominique BRUNO, tells that “within the exciting scope of New Space, which requires a combination of lower costs with high performance, I am pleased to have managed our proposal in response to this call for tenders. We have succeeded thanks to the creativity, flexibility and commitment of Comat’s team. We are glad to be contributing to this first ever national constellation, thus strengthening Comat’s positioning on this market”.

The CEOs, Ludovic DAUDOIS of Comat, and Jean-Marc BILLAUD of COBHAM Aerospace Communications, state that this order corresponds to the outcome of three years of innovation efforts performed by their staff on deployable mechanisms and satellite antennas. They thank the Kinéis management for placing their trust in Comat’s and COBHAM’s teams.


COBHAM Aerospace Communications CEO, Jean-Marc BILLAUD, specifies that such a success builds on COBHAM’s activities in the market of satellite antennas. The company has been achieving many successes for many years, especially regarding the traditional generations of ARGOS antennas. With this new innovation, the company will consolidate its position in the new market of nanosatellite antennas.

Kinéis CEO Mr. Alexandre TISSERANT declares: “Our project is a major first. We are striving to federate the best French space players and are glad to take Comat on board. The quality of their products is already proven and we are serenely making progress”.

Comat steps into New Space thanks to the Kinéis constellation project, and keeps on developing its own propulsion and reaction wheel products.

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