Comat benefits from “France Relance” for its deployable structures

Press release // 10 August 2021

The small satellite market is pushing for the development of deployment devices to extend their capacities (power, RF links, payload performance). The market is very large because of its diversity.

Application cases: these devices can be used in particular to deploy antenna reflectors, reflect arrays of rigid or flexible solar panels, telescope baffles, sensor covers or mechanisms.

Comat has positioned itself for several years as an independent equipment supplier specializing in space mechanisms. Supported by CNES within the scope of the Recovery Plan, Comat wishes to develop a line of “deployable structures” products based on several developments carried out within the framework of R&T demonstrators or for payloads of operational projects (telescopic mast, deployable mast, multi-panel antenna, mesh reflector, Kineis antenna, etc.).

Comat is pleased to have obtained a contract of 1,193,000 euros, 70% funded by the Government within the scope of “France Relance[1]“.

About Comat

Created in 1977, Comat is a strategic equipment supplier in the space sector, specializing in complex mechanical solutions.

Comat is a leader in three categories: Exploration with its participation in SuperCam and ChemCam, and Science with its participation in the Alpha mission (the Blob box and the Telemaque clamp); Telecommunications by providing large international companies with innovative solutions; and Smallsats by developing several space mobility equipment such as reaction wheels, plasma thrusters and various deployable structures. Comat has just received three labels from the French Space Agency, for three areas of expertise concerning products and services.

[1] French Recovery Plan

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