Mechanism for OPAZ opto-mechanical payload

  • 2-axis scan mechanisms
  •  Focus mechanism parts

Main objective

  • High reliability for 100 days continuous flight
  •  Low mass mechanism (< 500 g)


  • Zephyr: Solar electric stratospheric High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS)


  • Manufacturing: 5-axis machining and conventional machining
  • Surface treatment: OAS black coating
  • ISO 8 assembly at COMAT’s facilities


Scientific instrument onboard NASA Perseverance rover (Mars 2020 mission)

  • Design to manufacturing.
  • Mechanical manufacturing of the various models.
  • 3 engineers and technicians involved in AIT operations in IRAP/CNES clean rooms. We have also been involved in the delivery of the instrument at NASA’s JPL.